Component 4


By integrating into IoT devices, we collect data that allows us to provide a systemsbased
solution which reduces labour costs and increases efficiency, allowing the
farmer to make informed decisions, improve traceability and reduce risk exposure in
cases of contamination. In addition, precision farming simplifies the trading process
between buyers and sellers and is a vital tool in the pursuit of responsible,
sustainable food production.

Component 5


Analysing data from multiple parts of our interactive digital eco-system such as
RFID, digital trading platforms and digital marketing channels, we are able to collate
information and present it in a way that is clear and actionable for our clients.

Component 6


By providing tools with which the farmer can improve accuracy, reduce waste, mitigate risk of contamination, and increase traceability, we ensure not only long-term security and increased profitability for producers but also give the consumer access to the story of the product they consume, and pursue transparency for all participants throughout the supply chain.

Component 7


Our secure, user-friendly online auction platforms are changing the way buyers and
sellers do business, giving them a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving
landscape of agriculture. With friendly support and a simple, intuitive sale platform,
digital trading is accessible to even the least technical of users. From livestock to
equipment and property, the platform opens up an enormous new portion of the
marketplace, making auctions accessible not only to those who can attend the
event, but rather to anyone who is able to join online.

Component 8


Using advanced data analytics and AI technology we are able to create an effective
marketplace with high levels of accuracy and the most relevant content possible, driving sales
and initiating ongoing, fruitful relationships between all participants in the supply chain.

Component 9


In today’s changing agricultural landscape, participants in the supply chain who embrace
digitized infrastructures will position themselves not only to remain competitive in the
face of rising customer expectations, but to thrive in a marketplace which demands
detailed transparency and real-time data-driven dynamic value networks. Utilizing
advanced blockchain technology, SHIFT DX provides a secure, unalterable environment
for data from throughout the supply chain to be stored and accessed by our users. From
producers and processors to brokers, buyers, transporters and ultimately the endconsumer,
the blockchain is a trusted source of reliable provenance information which
allows users to trace and verify the metrics of the produce stored within it. This
technology has huge implications for optimizing production, reducing costs, simplifying
the trading process and building consumer trust in a market that is increasingly invested
in knowing the story of the produce they consume.